Vanilla umbrella review

Posted by / 24-Mar-2020 03:34

My best feature on the VANILLA UMBRELLA dating app is the security pin feature which requires a pin after screen timeout.

This enables better privacy and restriction of unauthorized access to your kinky dating life even if your phone gets stolen.

It seems absurd to me seeing the whole essence of the app revolves largely around sexual encounters.

The radar feature which is supposed to display kinks around a set vicinity is showing me kinks in areas too far from the supposed radar range, plus the folks nearby all seem to be anything but nearby.

VANILLA UMBRELLA offers a rather expensive set of options when it comes to prices.

A VIP membership for a period of 1-month costs .99, while VIP access for three months and six months costs .99 and .99 respectively.

You can always send an e-mail with your name and get a response within 24 hours.

What Vanilla Umbrella is trying to do here is simply to change the game face of fetish dating upgrades as its flexibility with the “credits” seems to project a lot more choices tailored to suit different users.

The navigation buttons are also very easy to use, with two drop drop-down buttons on both top corners of the screen.

The quality of content on Vanilla Umbrella as with most BSDM dating apps seems quite rich but lacks in quantity.

The design of the VANILLA UMBRELLA dating app seems very well thought out.

As I pointed out earlier, the black background makes my device easier to look at while navigating available vicinities for kinks.

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