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Sex offenders on online dating sites

Mama June Denies Dating Sex Offender For the first time since , she is speaking out to let her fans know her side of the story. He left prison in March and has reportedly been seeing Mama June again.

My other sister married a pedophile who raped his own daughters. We will not identify the child but it's someone with whom June has contact.

It is worrying that Mama June has been involved with two convicted sex offenders in the past even sugar bear is an ex-con for arson and stealing at a campsite.

The photo was taken a few weeks ago in a hotel room where June, Mc Daniel, and other guests were hanging out.

He is nasty for the crime he is convicted of and she is nasty for bringing him around her children.

He was convicted in 2004 for aggravated child molestation.

The website has a strict policy in place that prohibits convicted sex offenders from using Facebook.Each of her daughters was fathered my a different man.For more on Chickadee's disturbing allegations against Mc Daniel, watch the video below. As part of a plea deal, Mc Daniel only plead guilty to aggravated child molestation and was sentenced to 10 years.My own mother married the pedophile who raped my older sister when my sister was a teen. Next Other Facebook users are being asked to contact the site administrations if they encounter an account 'that may belong to a convicted sex offender.She was able to describe the assaults in graphic detail, the report notes.

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Drew during an interview earlier this week that Pumpkin June's second youngest daughter thinks Mc Daniel is her real father.

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