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Sex and dating book

This book started a revolution in playfulness in the sex lives of couples, and still is one of the biggest gifts young couples receive for weddings and anniversaries.Laura Corn has crafted elegant and pleasure-filled plays for couples to act out, making them stars in their relationship.With a humor approach, this is a great educational tool for anyone.We have actually given this book to our sons so that they can learn about all types of sexuality and sexual fun.Sexy Challenges are not just a book for reading but one for actions.After reading a challenge you then follow the plan to create that sacred and sensual experience for both you and your partner.Even if you think your relationship and sex life is great, it isn’t going to stay there on it’s own.

Giving you different suggestions so you can totally transform the experience the next time you participate in it.This is the same message with a different feel each time.With this couples journal, you’ll be able to create unique bucket list goals you want to achieve together, journal your bucket list adventure memories together and have a place to put your favorite photo that captures your bucket list goal experience.23 couples are interviewed in this book and they share their secrets not only to a successful business, but a successful relationship, too.From small town shop owners to self-help gurus, this book is full of great suggestions to keep you thriving in business – and in love.

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Osho has a whimsical style of storytelling that will have you chuckling as you read his teachings.

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