No sign up sex

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No sign up sex

Jumping into sex before you are emotionally ready for it can cause all sorts of problems so wait until you are really sure about it.

I'm confused because my boyfriend made me have sex with him.

In fact you could say that choosing you after one or more previous partners makes you that much more special so you should put your energy into enjoying what you have now rather than dwelling on the past.

With people who have had previous sexual partners there may be concern about sexual transmitted infections so it is usually a good idea for both partners to get checked out before entering into a very intimate relationship where condoms are not used.

You shouldn't let anyone pressurise you into doing something you don't want to do and if he loves you he will understand that. Despite what your friends might say the average age for first time sex is 17 which means that whilst some people do have sex before that age there are some that wait until they are even older.

Therefore there is definitely no need to worry about being a virgin at 15 because most people still are.

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