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If they log in using their Microsoft account, Windows will apply the same rules regardless of device.

If you didn't create a Microsoft account while setting up your system, don't worry.

To get started, head back to your Accounts menu under Settings.

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While there are some weaknesses in the web filtering and application control system Microsoft uses, Windows 10 parental controls do have the advantage of applying across multiple devices.

Users can't, for example, switch to their tablet after using up their screen time on the family PC – any device accessed through your child's account will be subject to the same limitations.

This lets you set, control, and monitor your child's devices from any Internet-connected device by logging in with your Microsoft account.

As for your child's online experience, this means that the limits you set on content and usage will apply to any Microsoft system, from your desktop to the family Xbox.

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Learn how to set Windows Parental Controls with these steps: In order to apply Windows 10 parental controls, you’ll need to add a “child account” to your own through the Windows Settings menu.

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