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That’s why I recommend that women shouldn’t overlook a man strictly because of his age. Despite the cliche, men really do age like a fine red wine.

Because you never know if the best lover of your life is waiting behind those grey hairs, wrinkles, and pleated slacks. Their flavor becomes more complex, deep — and in the best scenarios — a whole lot richer.

Not only can they unclasp a bra without a struggle, but they also don’t giggle when they see boobies. And seduction is something that begins way before you enter the bedroom.

Because to most older men, sex isn’t about ejaculation. The female body isn’t just another notch on the bedpost. It has it’s own needs and deserves to be pleased beyond a fast fingerbang or nipple suck.

And with your older beau by your side, you’ll spark their curiosity a little bit more than the average couple.

People are naturally curious about other people’s lives.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying that all men above age 30 or 40 are excellent lays. But chances are, your old dog has probably learned a few dick tricks over the years and is more than eager to show them to you.

I hate to break it to you honey, but you’re probably not his first love. But if you can overlook the romantic or sexual history of your new beau, it becomes apparent that the past actually be a good thing.

And if you didn’t tell your boyfriend to not to burp in your face, then he will continue to do so much to the horror of his future girlfriends.

Older men have had this sense shook, slapped, spit, and forced into them by their past girlfriends.

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But once I got married, I swapped weekend getaways to the beach for family basketball tournaments.

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