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Dating a registered sex offender

Sara says she wants to marry Matt one day and is thinking about moving in with him.

She acknowledges she can’t move in with him now, because he has legal restrictions and can’t ever be left alone with her 2-year-old daughter.

If the offender’s victim was younger than 17, and if any schools are in the area of his residence, DPS notifies the schools as well.

The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program keeps track of convicted offenders.

She also says her parents object because they don’t want Sara’s 2-year-old daughter around Matt – at all.

“My parents have threatened to take custody of my daughter from me.”TELL DR.

Texas has child safety zones that don’t relate to where a sex offender can live, but do prohibit offenders from involvement with civic, athletic or cultural programs for children ages 17 or younger, and they can’t join any programs if the program’s base is near a school or playground.

This rule applies only to those under court supervision, but if the offender violates it, his parole or probation can be revoked.

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They must register their current addresses, along with other information, which must be updated every year, usually around the time of their birthdays.