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Adult social sites

Adolescents and youth may particularly be attracted to and preoccupied with various online activities.A nationwide survey conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIAC) in 2017 demonstrated that 96.9% of teenagers in Japan use the internet on a daily basis (1).Males often isolate themselves from the social community in order to engage in online gaming while females use the internet as to not be excluded from their communications online.

Two-group comparisons between gamers and social media users, according to the main purpose of internet use, showed that gamers used the internet longer and had significantly higher mean IAT and HQ-25 scores.

However, after thorough discussion, some regard it as one type of behavioral addiction and this attitude seems to be the majority (3, 14–16).

In recent years, internet access has been changing.

In this study, we investigated the relationship of internet addiction, smartphone addiction, and the risk of hikikomori, severe social withdrawal, in Japanese young adult.

Methods: The subjects were 478 college/university students in Japan.

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Background: As the number of internet users increases, problems related to internet overuse are becoming more and more serious.