Adult sex community

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Under this philosophy, treatment and supervision modalities give priority to community protection and victim safety.Orders for no contact with the victim are sought at the earliest opportunity.Protection and recovery of the victim and the well-being of the community are concerns that guide policy development, program implementation, and actions of professionals working with sexual assault victims and perpetrators.In this approach to sex offender management, the client is the community.In 1992, States paroled 7,382 prisoners convicted of sex offenses.[8] In addition, many -- more in some States than others -- of those convicted of sexual assault felonies are sentenced to probation or to other forms of community supervision.[9] For example, in Colorado in 1990, of those convicted of sexual assault (5 percent of all felony convictions), courts sentenced 60 percent to probation, 4 percent to halfway houses, and 36 percent to prison.[10] In one notable area, Maricopa County, Arizona, about 500 of the 1,300 sex offenders on probation are serving lifetime probation sentences.[11] Clinical practice and research, and data obtained from probation and parole officers nationwide, indicate that adults who commit sex crimes should be managed, treated, and supervised differently from other criminals.

This approach is implemented through interagency and interdisciplinary teamwork.

The accelerating influx of sex offenders into the criminal justice system further heightens the need for effective sex offender supervision and management practices, both in and out of prisons.

The number of adults convicted annually of rape, child molestation, or other forms of sexual assault and sentenced to State prisons more than doubled between 1980 (8,000) and 1992 (19,100, almost 5 percent of all State prison admissions that year).[6] State prisons held 20,500 sex offenders in 1980, 75,900 in 1992, 81,100 in 1993, and 88,100 in 1994.[7] The majority will return to the community, many under supervision by parole officers.

In many States, victim and family outrage is fueling legislation requiring registration of convicted sex offenders with law enforcement agencies, and enactment of community notification and sexual predator laws.

What is being done to manage sex offenders in the community to contain them and thereby protect victims and the public?

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How can sex offenders be managed in community settings in ways that enhance public safety and victim protection?

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