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A sexy service

On the day we visited, Halloween was just around the corner, so the shop interior was adorned with creepy decorations, as if this was a school preparing for a spooky festival, and this subtle touch made it even easier for guests to get into the mood!The zaikōsei here come in all sorts of flavors, too.Otome Road is where female fans of anime, manga, and other suchlike hobbies gather together to indulge in their interests.And the dynamics between these fans and the area has given birth to a new type of attraction that has been steadily gaining visibility and popularity in recent years!There are BL genre novels and manga (Japanese comics) available on the shelves in the shop as well, known as "textbooks", and you're free to browse through and read any of them.

You may even bump into the school director, vice-principal, teachers, and other admin staff too while you're wandering around the premises!

The eye-popping impromptu live shows given by the zaikōsei have blown the minds and slayed the hearts of many a BL fan.

The biggest draw of this item is that guests customize the scene to their desired setting and storyline.

When you're ready to go, just say, "Gekō shimasu (I'm leaving school)!

" to a zaikōsei and you'll be on your way in no time at all.

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From the innocent and naive younger brother figure type to the harsh and exacting older brother figure type - there's bound to be a personality that appeals to you!

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